Pastor Lyndie McCauley, South Africa

Apostle Pearl Kupe has been a very precious friend of mine for many years. I have watched her graciously transition from being a highly successful Advocate to her now fulltime calling in the ministry as an Apostle. She truly is ‘a sent one’, travel-ling to countries all over our world and sharing the very powerful Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. She has been greatly effective as an instrument of change in the lives of millions of believers across our world. Her voice has also had a powerful impact on the decisions of our local South African Government as she has spear-headed several initiatives. I do believe that her greatest days are yet to be seen.

Dr Robert W. Carman. DD., USA

I have known Pearl for some time! She carries the Father’s heart for the nations to see His Kingdom come on the earth as it is in Heaven! She is a prophetic voice in this generation that is preparing the way for revival and reformation! If you need a mature prophetic voice season intercession and spiritual warfare, I recommend the ministry of Pearl Kupe.
Steven Springer, Founder and Senior Leader, Global Presence Ministries and Apostolic Network!International Conference Speaker and Transfor-mation Strategist, USA
Dr Pearl Kupe has achieved in her lifetime what few of us can even dream of. With her incredible background in education, business, coupled with her ability to minister on all levels, this women of God has influenced tens of thousands and shared pulpits and platforms all over the world. Dr Kupe has been a great inspiration to my wife and myself.

Prophetess Janet Brann Hollis, itinerant speaker, author and television min-ister. Ruach Ministries, Company of Prophets, SA Back To God

Dr Pearl Kupe is a true ambassador and epitomises statesmanship in multiple set-tings. It has been my pleasure and honour to have served with her on various or-ganisations and in varying capacities, including with Love Botswana Outreaches, the Geneva Institute on Leadership and Public Policy, and others. I’ve learned that time, like light, makes things manifest. Given enough time, the true character of an individual is made known. Time has proven the unique gifts and character of Dr Pearl Kupe.Doug Stringer, Founder and president of Somebody Cares America; Some-body Cares International
I wish to endorse my friend Dr Pearl Kupe. I have been associated with Dr Pearl for 10 years and have had the privilege of working with her on various ministerial assignments. I have always admired Dr Pearl for her strength and non-compromising stand in the administration of her role in ministry. She is a woman of Godly character and represents the Kingdom of God with integrity and truth. Her word is her bond. As a Kingdom representative, she is uniquely graced to ex-tend a hand of friendship and unity to the many diverse groupings in our nation, South Africa. Pearl is a keynote leader in facilitating the new order of government in South Africa. We’ll continue to hear of the very leading roles that Pearl is man-dated to, in building the Kingdom of God in government, marketplace and within the broader sphere of the global village. Watch this space.

Dr Jana Lackey, Co-Founder & Love Botswana Outreach Ministries, Maun, Botswana

I have known this remarkable woman for over 21 years. We met and instantly be-came sisters. As missionaries of 30+ years in her country of birth, Jerry and I can honestly say I have gained invaluable knowledge and learned more from her over the years than any amount of education we have received. She has been the most valued advisor in our NGO work – culturally, legally, relationally and gov-ernmentally. In her years as a working professional, her support of “Love Botswa-na” through financial support has been substantial. As a full-time minister and consultant, she continues to be a vital part of our work in this region of Botswana. Here she serves as the Vice President of our Board of Trustees. To sit under her ministry is an experience compared to none! God has chosen her as a true Joseph of this generation. She can pour out God’s heart and mind in a pit, a tent, a palace or house of worship to children, youth, adults. She also speaks to professionals, royalty, government heads or just one on one with anyone who crosses her path. I have watched her walk through the fire, serve the lowly and honoured by Kings. She has taken the road not walked by many and turned down riches in her latter years to serve the Lord and His people. Dr Pearl is a favourite speaker at our events and always takes time with our entire staff to pour into them in spiritual and practical ways to help our organisation grow to become the largest NGO in the country.

Dr. Jerry Lackey,Founder, Lead Pastor ,Maun Village ChurchFounder, Chairman of the Board, Love Botswana Outreach Mission Trust, Botswana

I have had the privilege of knowing & serving in ministry with Pearl Kupe for more than twenty two years. In a day where so many in ministry have become self-serving, self-promoting and self- centered, Pearl exemplifies a life of self- sacrifice and selfless abandon for the cause of Christ. Throughout the nations Pearl has been brought before Kings & Queens, Heads of state, widows and orphans but always remains the same humble and available to go where ever she is sent. Pearl is indeed a power preacher and carries a unique gift and the ability to effectively and prophetically deliver Gods heart to His people!


Dr. Patricia D. Bailey, Master’s Touch Ministries Global Inc, USA

The grace and gifting of Dr. Pearl Kupe far exceeds her sphere of judicial expertise as an attorney and her entrepreneurship mantle in business. As a global consult-ant to heads of state, Dr. Pearl carries a crest of governance, organisational lead-ership and an unadulterated calling with a king and priestly anointing. This minis-ter’s ability to bridge political, racial and social economic gaps baffles us all as she contributes her council of wisdom and sobriety to any forum or roundtable tribu-nal. I have never witnessed the kind of synergy that Dr. Kupe stewards as she gracefully combines the marketplace and ministry with such balance and tact. Her seasoned life as a diplomat catapults her relational skills as a stateswoman. As a leadership consultant and a prolific author, Dr. Kupe’s passion to inspire people is one of her essential skill sets.She has a keen disdain for corruption and a laser eye that sees through injustice with no obscurities. In these times where candor and integrity are missing components in leadership, it is very comforting to witness her immense, undaunted focus on truth and justice. The evidence of Dr. Pearl’s tutelage is forensically clear. She has been a student to the generals of our age, and their impartation has indeed left a mantle and a mark upon Dr. Pearl that can never be nullified or erased. It is from that fountain of learning that she ushers forth and showers such inspirational passion to embrace, equip and care about those who are often underserved and untaught. You can see this exemplified in her life and work as she equips candidates and serves as an activator for global business. This passion is also observed as you witness her influence in the lives of those who have had their dignity restored. Dr Pearl has been their drum major and activist for justice, another rare commodity these days. This is my personal narrative: She is distinctive; she is authentic; she is integral. She is Dr. Pearl Kupe. Her life speaks for itself, and the evidence of her fruit is immeasurable.
Respectfully submitted by Dr Patricia Bailey

What her mentees and others say:

I met up with @pearlkupe recently because among other things I needed some wise counsel from her. As I was about to tell her my story, she stopped me and started prophesying over my life. It was so wild because when she was done, she had accurately identified the questions I was about to ask and answered them. I stood in awe. She spoke with such precision clarity and authority, continually di-recting the glory to God as though to make sure that I understand that it is be-cause of God at work in her. I celebrate the Pearl (excuse the pun) she is in the Kingdom of God.
Koketso Molaowe, mentee

Rev Pearl Kgomotso Kupe spoke to my life like a hot knife cutting through butter during my visit to her house a while back. I still cherish that day like it was yester-day. She is a powerhouse, and we thank God for her life.
Edzani Raaloe

I realised that Rev. Pearl’s humility and wisdom is just too much, so I just never left the house and it has been years of that wisdom and lots of blessings.
Dany Vambili, mentee

Thank God I met Dr. Pearl Kupe Via the media Platform and she Inspired me To Be A Better Version of Myself. I am being ordained as an Apostle. I am busy pursuing my degree in law because she Inspired me. My mission is to Challenge the Mind of An African Child to understand the Kingdom message. I’m especially interested in the area of Activating the Dominion core out there.
Moi Carrim, mentee